I miss my old ‘hood

When I first visited Dorchester, back in summer of 2001, I didn’t know what to make of it. I was en route from New York and stopped over for two days only. In that time Dorchester had not revealed it’s personality to me.

Jump to December 2002…..on a extended two week visit in Fields Corner I left with a formed opinion, it was dirty, there was chaotic Asian chatter, abruptness, trash and no apparent order.

Fast forward 2007 and I moved from one part of the Dot to another. [Yeah, yeah yeah…more trash to take out] If I didn’t know better I’d say that things are better in my new parts…..but I won’t….cause they aren’t. As with every other distinction between places…first world and third world, urban and rural, uptown and downtown, the difference has to do with one’s appreciation, former experiences , the quixotic notions sold to us by the media, inherited prejudices, or disparity in services rendered by the powers that be.

I miss my old ‘hood……Korean cleaners, African Braider, Italian cooks and Spanish grocers trading for the “American Dream” against the backdrop of sirens, syringes, potholes and trash. It was where the bustle to make a dollar was more important than trimming lawns and welcoming neighbors. It was my lesson in anthropology, institutional racism, American public policy, health and as close as I will ever get to home…….How different things are along the same Red Line. Tammyanka

3rd Annual Safe Love Event

 Come join the Dorchester Youth Council and hundreds of Boston teens in celebrating and promoting healthy relationships and healthy lifestyle choices. 

Safe Love Dorchester will take place on Saturday February 10th from 6-10pm at the Dorchester House (1353 Dorchester Avenue) The night will consist of healthy lifestyle resources, live performances, teen-friendly give- aways, and of course, dancing!

The Youth Council is currently recruiting organizations to provide interactive resources for teens, volunteers, and performers for the evening. To participate, please contact Leah Moschella at  617-474-1422 or

A city is a place to taste the world

I'm happy to have this opportunity to blog- to share my opinion, views and ideas...with my neighbors. This is my first entry and I have a confession... I'm nervous. I usually find comfort in food, so I have decided to share with you some of my best lunch finds in my little part of Dorchester….

“A city is a place where there is no need to wait for next week to get the answer to a question, to taste the food of any country, to find new voices to listen to and familiar ones to listen to again.” Margaret Mead

For under $10 dollars allow your taste bud to travel as far as Asia and Europe

  • Grilled Pork and Shrimp Vermicelli bowl - Pho Boston, Fields Corner
  • Goat cheese and beet salad – Blarney Stone, Fields Corner
  • Shanti’s Indian Food Buffet – Shanti Boston, Dot Ave, Savin Hill
  • Chiicken Brocolli Ziti – Papa Rhino’s, Geneva Avenue • Fisherman’s Platter – Boston Fish Market, Dot Ave
  • The Cee Cee’s Calzone- Cee Cee’s , Adams Street

Now the most important part of experiencing these foods is to talk with restaurant staff and other patrons. To listen to unfamiliar voices.... other wise “yuh belly full but yuh starvin’ ”… and you thought this was a simple list of food finds! Check back for an explanation of the proverb. Tammyanka

Youth Council Spotlight

The editors of What's Up Magazine have chosen Andrew Klein's, submission, "Boston violence should not be taboo," as the first runner-up of our high school essay contest.

We had many people read the piece and give feedback, and after much discussion, decided that his submission was among the best.

It will appear as a feature in the next issue of our magazine!

Andrew is a first year council member and a junior at Latin School.

To read the article, check out


What do you think?

Civil Rights Speak Out!!

Civil Rights Speak Out! On Monday January 15th SCI Dorchester celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day with the community proving that the spirit and work of Dr. King has not died and pledging their commitment to use their own skills to end civil injustices. Bringing together citizens of all ages, SCI gathered to celebrate and continue the legacy of Dr. King promoting the concept of January 15th as “a day on, not a day off”.

The evening began with a slide show presentation by Mr. Cagen Luse commemorating the countless activists who, alongside Martin Luther King, fought for equality of all people. Following the presentation, Dr. Kerri Greenidge author of Boston’s Abolitionist local historian and scholar energetically enlightened the audience explaining the civil rights legacies right here in Boston. She challenged participants to embrace to positive images of civil rights leaders in Boston and transcend the negative stereotypes that often plague our community.

 The second segment of the evening reminded participants that the Civil Rights movement is still occurring today. Community members and groups energized the audience with amazing artistic expression. Youth members of the Boston Project Ministries reminded the audience whose footsteps we are following in with a dynamic step dance incorporating quotes from Dr. King’s famous “I have a dream speech.” Keeping the energy up was Terrance Tran, a young rap artist who expressed the views of young people and the importance of ended racism and violence against all people. Talented young Caiana Luse continued the exploration of civil rights with a violin performance and Marym Canty a versatile young dancer performed a mix of ballet and African movement to finish off the segment.
This brought the event to focus on the future and what is to come of the Civil Rights movement. Spoken word artist and Dorchester Youth Council member, Grace Ejiwale passionate proclaimed that there is still a great deal of work to be done until we have fully lived out the dreams of the civil rights activists. She challenged the audience to change systems of oppression in her piece, “American Bible”. The event concluded with all participants joining in unison for a powerful pledge of commitment to individually commit to continuing the fight for justice. Children and adults alike felt empowered and enthusiastic.

Thanks to the generosity of Fair Foods, each participant was able to bring home a cake in honor of Dr. King’s birthday with candy and tea also provided for parents. Continuing the chances for artistic expression participants were able to sign the “Honor the Dream” banner that will be displayed in the near future. The Civil Rights Speak Out sponsored by SCI Dorchester brought together young and old to celebrate and remember the rich history and exciting future of civil rights right here in Dorchester!

Civil Rights Speak Out Success!

SCI Dorchester celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day with the community proving that the spirit and work of Dr. King is alive and well in Dorchester. Citizens of all ages, gathered to celebrate and continue the legacy of Dr. King promoting the concept of January 15th as “a day on, not a day off”.

SCI Dorchester Celebrates MLK Day

to read more here

Making It Happen

The inaugural edition of the Dorchester Neighborhood Guide will be published in April 2007


Become-A-Friend: Dorchester's Getting Neighborly

Please join a growing list of neighbors who have invested in the first publication of the all-Dorchester Neighborhood Guide As a friend, you will not only continue to enjoy being connected to neighbors, organizations,and businesses, but become a part of a community bridging effort to build social capital and increase civic engagement. Your contribution will ensure that other friends, organizations, and business can get connected and stay connected with the Dorchester Neighborhood Guide.

Click here for more information.

Create an Anti-Litter Slogan!

Fields Corner Main Street Anti-Litter Campaign Slogan Contest!

Fields Corner Main Street will be launching an anti- litter campaign in the spring and we need your help to create a slogan. Submit your ideas for a slogan to discourage littering in Fields Corner to FCMS@fieldscor by Friday, January 26. The person who creates best slogan will win a $25 gift certificate to the business of their choice in Fields Corner. For more information, call 617-474-1432.

Congrats! Youth Council Accomplishments!

Congratulations Fritzkeysha Chery, Dorchester Youth Council member since 2005 who is a recipient of this year's Posse Scholarship Award.
Fritz will be attending Denison University in Grandville Ohio on the 4 year scholarship!

Congrats again!
For more information about the Posse Foundation, go here:

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