Things smart people don't skimp on

Things smart people don’t skimp on

Financial literacy is one of the key skills of successful people. A conscious approach to personal finance allows you to have funds for more important things in the future than daily coffee or bars on Fridays. But to save literally on everything means to greatly reduce the quality of your life.

What can you save on without compromising your health and mood? Someone refuses expensive branded items in favour of simpler ones, and someone thinks that it is better to save on daily needs. These approaches to budgeting are strikingly different, but there are things on which, under no circumstances, it is better not to save.



Quality education plays a key role in the life of every person. Those who received an education “not for show” and not for the sake of a diploma will always benefit from those who do not have it, or they taught so-so at the university. 

An educated person basically looks at the world differently – simply because he has a richer background and a huge number of scenarios in his head. It is this knowledge that ultimately helps to choose a job that you like (and not go to the office every day under duress), self-actualize as a professional and, of course, earn decent money. Sure, you can also earn money from playing on the TonyBet website, or doing other activities, but education is pivotal.

The better a person’s education, the more likely they are to move up the career ladder. Even just a commendable desire to make the world a better place requires a lot of knowledge to understand how to make it happen.

Plus, it is always more interesting to communicate with an educated person, and a high-quality environment with its mere presence will motivate you to more and more new achievements. 

Pure water

Water is life, and clean water is a healthy life. No one will dispute the fact that health depends on the quality of water. Now you rarely meet a person who would drink water straight from the tap. Water needs additional purification, so you just need to install a special filter at home.

It is convenient to use water purifiers that are installed under the sink in the kitchen. Such devices are connected to the water supply, so there is no need to wait until the tank is full. And in families with children, it is better to use storage-type water purifiers. Even toddlers will be able to pour themselves water into a glass without disturbing their parents with this request.

And so that clean and healthy water is always at hand, take a hydrogen bottle with you. In it, the water is not only well purified but also mineralized.

Insurance and security

Insurance and security

High-quality doors, locks and alarms will protect you from burglars and fires. In addition, cheap mechanisms often fail, which leads to their frequent replacement and even calling a locksmith to open a jammed door.

Voluntary insurance should also be treated as a guarantee of the safety of your property, and not just extra expenses. No one is immune from accidents, property or car damage. It is much more reasonable to think about compensation for hypothetically possible damage and insure expensive things.

Product Quality

How we eat affects our health and quality of life. Cheap products usually contain a lot of harmful components that make you feel worse and lead to excess weight. Watch what is included in their composition, and give preference to only natural food.

Buying products for a promotion can also play a cruel joke because often in this way stores get rid of stale goods, the expiration date of which is coming to an end. It is possible that these products were stored in unsuitable conditions, which led to a deterioration in their quality. Buy on the stock, only after checking the expiration dates in advance.

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