games of chance

These games are worth money, sometimes millions

And, that’s why we’ve brought you a list of the best gambling games in culture:


Lottery occurs in almost every country. In Brazil, for example, it is one of the only games that is allowed for adult entertainment. Here the player chooses numbers that can be drawn at a later date.

As these games usually have a large scale and involve thousands of dollars, they are administered by federal agencies and follow a strict control policy.


Raffles are still a great attraction among the less fortunate. They draw prizes that are designated by numbers or names.

In Brazil, the tickets are sold with the intention of helping some institution or raising funds. We even dare to say that the raffle is the most popular game in Brazil because it comes from several generations and is rooted in our culture.

The numbers are sold for a low value and the prize can vary from perfumes, and things of small value, to appliances and cars.

Slot Machine

Slot Machine

The slot machine is the official symbol of the casinos, this machine attracts attention for its design and its symbolic coin prizes.

Today it is paid by credit card and issues tickets instead of coins. Popular in the world’s culture, it is also part of ours, especially when gambling was still regulated in Brazil.

The machine emits the characteristic sound of these gambling places, it makes up a generous slice of the revenues of the houses and is located at the entrance to attract passers-by of all ages and social classes.


Bingo is the American and Brazilian favourite game of chance. It still brings together people of all ages.

Players acquire numbered cards and the winner is the one who completes the first round or full card first.

In Brazil the practice is still forbidden and only occurs over the internet or in charity parties. But that does not take away the practice from our culture.



Card games are worth the highest values in gambling, they involve luck and also psychological strategies.

Players need a lot of skill and acumen to win the prizes on offer. All over the world cards are the oldest game ever and in Brazil it’s no different.

There are several games and the most rooted in our culture are truco and poker.

Poker is a game that still produces tournaments and fans, it has professional players and a league dedicated only to this modality.

It has its rules determined by each venue and the bank.

Blackjack, popularly called 21, also attracts fans. The game is simpler and its aim is to knock out the dealer with the lowest number of cards that add up to 21 points.

Around here, traditional games even include the participation of children. The most popular are hole, truco and patience.

Cards are democratic and work as a hobby for people from all social classes. Unlike other games, they are played for entertainment, and in most cases the games are not worth money.

The rules and versions of these games can be found at Brasilcasinos. It offers probably the best overview about all these games, as well as tips and indications.

After all, it is essential that before you start having fun you know what the main rules of each modality are. This will let you know more about it and will also increase your chances of success when playing.

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